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You may use the following parameters to set up your computer to access the Internet via Malawi SDNP by dialing into our Blantyre node. The "username" is the one you chose on your SDNP subscription form. Anyone can use the Blantyre node from anywhere, there are no restrictions.

Dialer Setup
Dialer name:  Malawi SDNP
Dial-in number  01874900 (Do not use area and country code) 
Username and password always implemented in lower case
DNS or Nameserver: Primary:
Mail Setup
POP3 or (Incoming Mail)  Server:
SMTP or (Outgoing Mail) Server:
Email address: 
Account Display name:  Malawi SDNP E-Mail 

TEST: Send mail to yourself at You should be able to get it back from chambo.

DNS Setup

In most cases, no special set-up is required on Windows as the setup is passed on automatically to your computer every time you connect on dial-up. Call for help in special cases. If you need to set this up manually on windows then the following steps may be used:

Start à Settings à Control panel à Network à TCP/IP Dial Up Adapter à Properties à DNS
Host:  username
DNS Servers: (same as above)
Domain Search Order: 

Web Navigation **Using a proxy server to access web pages via Malawi SDNP is now optional. However, those who use our proxy server will see faster download speeds. You are therefore advised to set-up and use a proxy server on your browser. Instructions on how to set-up a proxy server are available at which you will be able to reach even if the proxy server is not set. Click on web cache. You may also use the following steps presented here in summary:

On Internet Explorer go to View or Tools à General or Internet Options à Address

Type in and click apply à OK

On Netscape go to Edit à Preferences à Location.

Type and click OK

SDNP offers you completely open and unlimited access to the web.

Best wishes, SDNP

Malawi SDNP is a Malawi Government Programme executed by the National Commission for Science and Technology established under the Science and Technology Act of 2003. The main objective of Malawi SDNP is to assist with development of Internet and Information Services with emphasis on sustainable development
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