26 JUNE 1999
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Dr Bakili Muluzi President Bakili Muluzi
Dr Bakili Muluzi Minister of Defense Joseph Kubwalo
Mr Justin Malewezi Vice President and Minister of  Privatisation  Justin Malewezi
Mr Aleke Banda Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Development Aleke Banda
Mr Harry Thomson Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Mayinga Mkandawire
Mr Brown Mpinganjira Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mapopa Chipeta
Mr Peter Fatchi Minister of Justice and Attorney General Peter Fachi
Dr Cassim Chilumpha Minister of Finance Cassim Chilumpha
Mr Patrick Mbewe Minister of  Home Affairs and Internal Security
Mr Rodwell Munyenyembe Minister of State for Presidential Affairs
Dr George nga Mtafu Minister of Tourism, National Parks and Wildlife Patrick Mbewe
Mr Kaliyoma Phumisa Minister of Commerce and Industry Matembo Nzunda
Ms Lilian Patel Minister of Health Harry Thomson
Mr George Claver Minister of State in the President's Office Responsible for Persons with Disabilities George Claver
Mr Peter Chupa Minister of Transport and Public Works Peter Chupa
Mr Thengo Maloya Minister of Lands, Housing and Physical Planning Dumbo Lemani
Mr Uladi Mussa Minister in the President's Office Responsible for District and Local Government Administration Bundaunda
Dr Ken Lipenga Minister of Education, Sports and Culture Brown Mpinganjira
Mr Bob Khamisa Minister in the President's Office Responsible for  Statutory Corporations
Mr Yusufu Mwawa Minister of Water Development Mervyn Moyo
Mr Clement Stambuli Minister of Information Sam Mpasu
Ms Mary Banda Minister of Women, Children and Community Affairs Lilian Patel
Mr Leonard Mangulama Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training Kaliyoma Phumisa
Mr Chenda Mkandawire Deputy Minister in the President's Office Responsible for Public Events
Ms Alice Sumani Deputy Minister of Natural Resources
Mr Meki Mtewa Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ken Lipenga
Mr Jan Jaap Sonke Deputy Minister of Finance Frank Kunje
Mr Monjeza Maluza Deputy Minister of Home Affairs
Mr Moses Dossi Deputy Minister of Education
Mr Phillip Bwanali Deputy Minister of Health
Ms Lyna Tambala Deputy Minister of Agriculture

Swearing in on Thursday 2 July 1999 at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre

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