Political Parties

Political Parties Registered In Malawi as found at Registrar of Political Parties on 4 June 2004 when this was the most current detail available. If you can help with an authoritative update on any part of this information, please send this in detail to Malawi SDNP, mwsdnp@sdnp.org.mw, Box 31762, Chichiri, Blantyre 3, Malawi, Tel: 01874979 Cell: 08824787 Fax 01873944. Malawi SDNP will update this page promptly on verifying the details that you send, so, please include your contact details.

Number Name of Party
1Alliance for Democracy (AFORD)
2United Democratic Front (UDF)
3United Front for Multiparty Democracy
4Malawi Democratic Party
5Malawi National Democratic Party
6Malawi Congress Party
7Malawi Democratic Union
8The Congress for the Second Republic of
9Christian Democratic Party
10National Patriotic Front
11National Unity Party
12Malawi Freedom Party
13Peoples Democratic Party
14Labour Party
15United Party
16Sapitwa National Democratic Party
17Forum Party
18Mass Movement for the Young
19National Solidality Movement
20Congress for National Unity
21National Independent Party
22Malawi Forum for Unity and Development
23Pamodzi Freedom Party
24Peoples Transformation Party
25National Democratic Alliance (NDA)
26New Dawn for Africa
27Peoples Progressive Movement
28Peoples Popular Front (PPF)
29Movement for Genuine Democratic Change (MGODE)
30Mtedere Ufulu Party
31The Republican Party
32New Congress for Democracy (NCD)
33United Democratic Party (UDP)
34Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)