MALAWI:   LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1998                                                     MALAWI SDNP
and stranger  

Cap . 6:03  

not to be  
charged or 
relating to 
records and 

Other  laws 
 Cap.  6:02  
 Repeal and    savings  
Cap. 55:03 

 62. (1) Where the injury in respect of which compensation is payable 
             was caused under circumstances creating a legal liability in 
              some person other than the employer to pay damages in respect 
              thereof, the worker may take civil proceedings in court against that 
              person to recover such damages and to recover such compensation 
              under this Act against any person liable to pay compensation, but 
              shall not, save in the circumstances described in subsection (2), be 
              entitled to recover both such damages and compensation. 

        (2) Notwithstanding anything contained in subsection (l)- 

             (a) where a worker has recovered from any person other than 
                  the employer damages in respect of an injury for which compen- 
                  sation is payable and the amount of such damages is less than the 
                  amount of the compensation so recoverable, the worker shall be 
                  entitled to recover from the person by whom such compensation 
                  is payable whichever amount is greater; and 
            (b) where the worker has recovered compensation in respect of 
                 an injury caused under circumstances creating a legal liability in 
                 some person other than the employer to pay damages in respect 
                 thereof and the amount of such compensation is less than the 
                 amount of the damages so recoverable from such person, the 
                 worker shall be entitled to take civil proceedings in court to 
                 recover from such person whichever amount is greater. 

        (3) If a worker has recovered compensation in respect of an injury 
              caused under circumstances creating a legal liability in some person 
              other than the employer to pay damages in respect thereof, the per- 
              son by whom the compensation was paid, shall be entitled to be 
              indemnified as regards the amount of compensation, including 
              costs, by the person so liable to pay damages as aforesaid to the 
              extent of the amount of the damages for which such person is liable, 
              and any question of such indemnity shall, in default of agreement, 
              be settled by civil suit or, by consent of the parties, by arbitration 
              under the Arbitration Act. 

        (4) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to give the Commissioner 
              power to award damages or to award costs against any person. 

63.  Where the injury was by the personal negligence or wilful Proceedings 
        act or default of the employer or of some other person for whose 
        act independently or default the employer is responsible, nothing in this 
        Act shall prevent proceedings to recover damages being instituted 
        against the employer by civil suit independently of this Act: 

               Provided that- 

             (a) any damages awarded in such civil suit shall take into account 
                  any compensation previously paid under this Act in respect of the 
                  same injury; 

            (b) any compensation paid under this Act shall take into account any 
                  damages previously paid in respect of the same injury; and 

            (c) no such additional payment, if it is in excess of the amount of 
                 compensation payable under this Act, shall be made from the 

64.  (1) Where any employer has entered into a contract with Piovisions in 
            any case of insurers in respect of any liability under this Act to any 
            case of worker, then, in the event of the employer becoming bankrupt 
            or bankruptcy making a composition or arrangement with his creditors, 
            or, if the of employer employer is a company, in the event of the 
            company having commenced to be wound up either voluntarily or 
            compulsorily or a receiver or manager of the company's business or 
            undertaking having been duly appointed, or possession having been 
            taken by or on behalf of the holders of debentures secured by a 
            floating charge, of any property comprised in or subject to the charge 
            the rights of the employer against the insurers as respects that liability 
            shall, notwithstanding anything in any written law relating to 
            bankruptcy and the winding-up of companies, be transferred to and 
            vest in the worker and upon any such transfer the insurers shall have 
            the same rights and remedies and be subject to the same liabilities as 
            if they were the employer; but so however, that the insurers shall not 
            be under any greater liability to the worker that they would have been 
            under to the employer. 

      (2) If the liability of the insurers to the worker is less than the liability of 
           the employer to the worker, the worker may prove for the balance in 
           the bankruptcy or liquidation, or, as the case may be, he may take 
           steps to recover the balance from the receiver or manager. 

     (3) There shall be included among the debts which- 

           (a) under section 35 of the Bankruptcy Act are included in the 
                distribution of the property or assets or a bankrupt; or 

           (b) under any written law relating to companies are, in the winding-up 
                 of a company, to be paid in priority to all other debts, the amount 
                 due in respect of any liability for compensation or assessment 
                 before the following dates, that is to say- 

                  (i) in the circumstances of paragraph (a), the date of the receiving 
                      order-, and 

                  (ii) in the circumstances of paragraph (b), the date of the 
                       winding-up order, or the date of commencement of the 
                       wind-ing-up of the company, whichever is appropriate. 

            (4)  Where a bankrupt or a company in liquidation has entered into 
                   such a contract with insurers as is referred to in subsection (1) 
                   the provisions of subsection (3) shall not apply in respect of the 
                   liability of the employer to the worker or that part thereof which 
                   is met by the insurers, contracting out  65. Any contract 
                   or agreement whether made before or after the commencement 
                   of this Act, whereby a worker relinquished any right of 
                   compensation from an employer for injury arising out of and in 
                   the course of his employment, shall be null and void in so far 
                   as it purports to remove or reduce the liability of any person to 
                   pay compensation under this Act. 

66.  Compensation payable under this Act shall not be capable of being 
       assigned, charged or attached, and shall not pass to any other person 
       by operation of law, nor shall any claim be set off against such 
67.  Any person who commits an offence under this Act for which no other 
       penalty is prescribed shall be liable to a fine of K2,000. 

68.  Any person required to keep a record or to make a return by 
        virtue of any regulation made under section 34 who fails to keep such 
        a record, to make such a return within the time which he is 
        required to make the return or makes or causes to be made a record 
        or return which is false in any material particular, or having been 
        duly required so to do, fails to give any information or explanation 
        respecting the record or return which is in his power to give shall be 
        guilty of an offence and liable to a fine as stipulated in the schedule 
        hereto and if the contravention in respect of which he was so 
        convicted is continued after the conviction he shall be guilty of a 
        further offence and liable in respect thereof to a fine as stipulated in the 
        schedule hereto. 

69. (1) Except where otherwise expressly provided, the provisions of this 
           Act shall be in addition to and not in substitution for the provisions 
           of any other law. 

      (2) The Limitations Act shall not apply in relation to claims for 

70.  A claim for compensation in respect of an injury incurred Tranditional 
       before the commencement of this Act shall be dealt with under the 
          Act repealed by section 77 I as if this Act had not been enacted; but 
          so, however, that the Commissioner shall be the court for the pur- 
          pose of dealing with any such claim or with any dispute or question 
          arising therefrom. 

71.  (1) The Workers' Compensation Act is repealed. 

       (2) Any subsidiary legislation made under the Act, repealed by 
            subsection (1), in force immediately before the commencement of 
            this Act- 

            (a) shall remain in force unless in conflict with this Act and be 
                 deemed to be subsidiary legislation made under this Act; and 

            (b) may be replaced, amended, or repealed by subsidiary 
                  legislation made under this Act. 

                                           FIRST SCHEDULE

                              SCHEDULE OF PERCENTAGE OF INCAPACITIES
          Loss of two limbs . .                                                                                       100
          Loss of both hands or of all fingers and thumbs                                                100
          Loss of both feet                                                                                             100
          Total loss of sight                                                                                            100
          Total paralysis                                                                                                 100
          Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden                                              100
          Any other injury causing permanent total disablement                                       100
          Loss of arm at shoulder                                                                                     70
          Loss of arm between elbow and shoulder                                                          60
          Loss of arm at elbow                                                                                        55
          Loss of arm between wrist and elbow                                                               50
          Loss of hand at wrist                                                                                        50
          Loss of four fingers and thumb on one hand                                                      50
          Loss of four fingers                                                                                          35
          Loss of thumb-
                              both phalanges                                                                            35
                              one phalange                                                                               35
          Loss of index finger -
                              three phalanges .   .                                                                     10
                              two phalanges                                                                               8
                              one phalange                                                                                 4
          Loss of middle finger-
                              three phalanges    ..                                                                       6
                              two phalanges                                                                               4
                              one phalange                                                                                 2
          Loss of ring finger -
                              three phalanges    ..                                                                       5
                              two phalanges                                                                               4
                              one phalange                                                                                 2
          Loss of little finger-
                              three phalanges .   .                                                                       4
                              two phalanges                                                                               3
                              one phalange                                                                                 2
          Loss of metacarpals-
                              first or second (additional)                                                             3
                              third, fourth or fifth (additional)  ..                                                  2
          Loss of leg -
                              at or above knee                                                                         70
                              below knee                                                                                 60
          Loss of foot                                                                                                    40
          Loss of toe -
                              all of one foot                                                                             15
                              great, both phalanges                                                                    5
                              great, one phalange                                                                       2
                              other than great, if more than one toe lost each                              1
          Loss of sight of,one eye                                                                                   30
          Loss of hearing in one ear                                                                                10
          Total loss of hearing                                                                                        50

Scars from injuries or bums which result in disfigurement shall be treated as resulting in from 0 to 50 per cent permanent incapacity, according to their size and location.

Total permanent loss of the use of a member shall be treated as loss of such member.

The percentage of incapacity of ankylosis of any joint shall be reckoned as from 25 to I 00 per cent of the incapacity for loss of the part at that joint, according to whether the joint is ankylose in a favourable or unfavourable position.

Where there is a loss of two or more parts of the hand, the percentage of incapacity shall not be more than for the loss of the whole hand.

Injuries which result in permanent incapacity but which are not included in this Schedule shall be assessed in relation to the percentage of incapacity specified in this Schedule, wherever possible.

                                                      SECOND SCHEDULE                      S. 3 and Part VI

Description of Disease                  Name of Occupation                                                         Prescribed Period
                                                    and Occupation

 1.         Anthrax                           Work in connexion with                                                       2 weeks
                                                     animal carcasses or parts of
                                                     such carcasses or of wool,
                                                     hair, bristles, hides, skins hoofs
                                                     or horns.

 2.         Byssinosis                       Any occupation in any room                                                  1 year
                                                   where any process up to and
                                                   including the carding process
                                                   is performed in factories in
                                                   which  the     spinning or
                                                   manipulation of raw or other
                                                   waste cotton is carried on.

 3. Chrome ulceration or             The use of or handling of
      its sequelae                           chronic acid, chromate or
                                                  bichromate of ammonium,
                                                  potassium, sodium or zinc,
                                                  or any preparation or solution
                                                  containing any of these substances.                                        1 year

4. Compressed air illness
    or its sequelae                         Subjection to compressed air.                                             1 year or in
                                                                                                                                              the case
                                                                                                                                              of arthritis
                                                                                                                                              5 years
5. Glanders                                 Contact with equine animals
                                                   or their carcasses.                                                               6 months

6. (a) Infection by lepto-              Work in places which are or                                                3 weeks
          pira icterohaemo                 are not liable to be infested
          rrhagiae                              with rats.
    (b) Infection by lepto                 Work at dog kennels or in
            sira canicola                      the care or handling of dogs.                                               3 weeks

7. Pathological manifesta-             Exposure to the radioactive                                                10 years
     tions due to radium or               substances or X-rays.
     other radioactive sub-
     stances or X-rays
8. Primary epithelio-matous           The use or handling of, or                                                  10 years
    cancer or ulceration of               exposure to tar, pitch, bitu-
    the skin                                      men or mineral oil (including
                                                     paraffin), or any compound,
                                                     product or residue of any of
                                                     these substances.
9. Tobaccosis                                Any occupation involving the
                                                     handling of or exposure to
                                                     tobacco dust.                                                                       2 years
10. Toxic anaernia                        The use or handling of, or                                                      2 years
                                                   exposure to the fumes or
                                                   vapours of tetrachlorethane,
                                                   nitro oraminoderivatives of
                                                   benzene or its hornologues.

      11. Toxicjaundice                 The use or handling of, or                                                     3 months
                                                  exposure to tetrachlorethane,
                                                  carbon    tetracloride, arse-
                                                  niuretted hydrogen, trinitro-
                                                  toluene   nitro and amino
                                                 derivatives of benzene or its

      12. Tuberculosis                  Close and frequent contact                                                  2 months
                                                 with a source or sources of
                                                 tuberculosis infection by reason
                                                 of employment-

                                           (a)   in the medical treatment
                                                 or nursing of persons
                                                 suffering from tubercu-
                                                 losis, or in a service
                                                 ancillary to such treat-
                                                 ment or nursing;

                                           (b)   in attendance upon a
                                                 1 person orpersons suffering
                                                 from tuberculosis where
                                                 the need for such attend-
                                                 ance arises by reason of
                                                 physical or mental infir-

                                           (c)   as a research worker
                                                 engaged in research in
                                                 connexion with tubercu-

                                           (d)  as a laboratory worker,
                                                 pathologist     or     post-
                                                 mortem worker, where
                                                 the occupation involves
                                                 working with material
                                                 which is a source of
                                                 tuberculosis infection or
                                                 in an occupation ancillary
                                                 to such employment.

13. Any disease con-
      tracted as a result               to the fumes, dust or vapour of a
      of poisoning by-                 nitro or amino-derivative of benzene,
                                               or a hornologue of -benzene.
      (a) Aniline com-
           pounds of
           benzene and
           its homolo-
           gues                                                                                                                                2 years

      (b) Arsenic or the
           sequelae there-
           of                           The use or handling of, or exposure
                                          to the fumes, dust or vapour of
                                          arsenic or a compound or arsenic or
                                          a substance containing arsenic.                                                           1 year

      (c) Benzene or any
           of its homolo-
           gues and the
           sequelae there-
           of or a nitro or
           ative of ben-
           zene, and the
           sequelae there-
           of                           The use or handling of, or exposure
                                          to the fume of, or vapour containing
                                          benzene or any of its hornologues or
                                          a nitro or amino-derivative of benzene
                                          or of a homologue benzene.                                                                  1 year

    (d) Carbon bisul-
          phide                       The use or handling of, or exposure
                                          to, the fumes of, or vapour containing,
                                          carbon bisulphide, or compound of
                                          carbon bisulphide -or a substance
                                          containing carbon bisulphide.                                                               1 year

     (e) Leador the se-
          quelae thereof         The use or handling of, or exposure
                                         to the fumes, dust or vapour of, lead 
                                       or a compound of lead or a substance
                                       containing lead.                                                                                      2 years

     (f) Manganese or a
          compound    of
          manganese            The use or handling of, or exposure
                                       to the fumes, dust or vapour of,
                                       manganese or a compound of manga-
                                       nese or a substance containing
                                       manganese.                                                                                           2 years
   (g) Mercury or a
         compound of
         mercury                 The use or handling of, or exposure
                                       to the dust or vapour of, mercury or
                                       a compound of mercury or a sub-
                                       stance containing mercury.                                                                   2 years

    (h)   Phosphorus or
            phosphine or
            poisoning due
            to the anticholi-
            nesterase action
            of organic phos-
            phorus    com-
            pounds                 The use or handling of, or exposure
                                        to the fumes, dust vapour of, phos-
                                        phorus or a compound of phosphorus
                                       or a substance containing phosphorus.                                              3 years

14. Bilharzia                   Work in connexion with water-
                                       scheme (irrigation) infested with
                                       fresh water snails of Biompharia or
                                       balimus species.                                                                               6 weeks

15. Bagassosis                 Work in connexion with molasses

16.  Unconsciousness/
       death (carbon
        monoxide)                 Exposure in mines after explosions
                                         and in iron and steel industry, and
                                         gas plants to carbon monoxide.                                                        mins-few
17. Chronic cadmium
       poisoning                 Work in connexion with mining
                                       metal lurgy, chemical industry, scrap
                                       metal treatment, and superphosphate
                                        fertilizers.                                                                                         12 years

18. Dermatoses                The use or handling of organic
                                        substances such as formaldehyde
                                        solvents  or inorganic materials,
                                        acids, and alkalis.                                                                             3-4 weeks

19. Noise  induced
      hearing loss                Working in environments with
                                        continuous noise levels beyond 90
                                        decibels without protective hearing
                                        devises.                                                                                            long-term
20. Mesothelioma (can-
      cer of pleura and
                peritoneum)      The use or exposure to crocidolite, a                                                30-40 years
                                        form of asbestos.

21.    Mineral-dust pneu-
         moconiosis (silico-
         sis, asbestosis)        Work in connexion to mining
                                        quarrying, pottery ceramics,masonry
                                        and drilling tunnels.                                                                           5-10 years

22. Undulent  fever
      (Brucellosis)             Work related to animalhusbandry
                                        veterinary, butchery and dairy.                                                          1-3 weeks

23. Viral hepatitis B         Work injuries related to health care
                                        waste, especially sharps.                                                                  60-90 days

                Passed in Parliament this thirty-first day of March, two thousand.

                                                                        Clerk of Parliament