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People’s Transformation Party (Petra) strongly believes the people of Malawi have the energy to transform the quality of their lives. Petra is committed to use governmental resources and structures to facilitate the transformation of the country. Petra’s approach is participatory, promoting the dignity of everyone and the ideology of Umunthu. This is because the Party believes that every person is of equal worth and must enjoy the rights that they are born with and that, together, Malawians can transform their lives and the nation for the better. In short, Petra is for action to realise visions and aspirations and live with dignity.

Petra is a Party with a clear ideology, vision and mission. The ideology of Petra is Umunthu, that is the enduring pursuit of a holistic human development attainable through policies, strategies and actions that promote social justice and equity, enjoyment of human rights, high sense of responsibility and integrity, social cohesion, respect for life and other people's rights under a revitalised work ethic of high productivity. The Vision of Petra is a noticeably improved Malawi that is increasingly enjoying development, peace and justice. The Mission of Petra is to transform Malawi for the development and well being of all persons living in a Malawi led by leaders of integrity.

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