The role of the Malawi SDNP Steering committee is to provide advice, direction and support to the SDNP Coordinator and the Coordination Unit staff on an ongoing basis. This will be done through:

The steering committee will be responsible for representing stakeholder groups and networks with these stakeholders on issues related to sustainable development in Malawi. The steering committee is the vehicle for reflecting stakeholder participation in the management and operation of the SDNP.

While the steering committee will play a major role in guiding and orienting the SDNP and ensuring proper function of the activities undertaken by it, it does not have direct responsibility for financial management, although it should have knowledge of the financial status of the project.

The committee will seek consensus on decisions. Where consensus is not possible , a majority vote will carry weight and dissenting rationale can be listed in minutes if requested by a member.

The Committee will have a permanent chairperson for a period of 12 months, after which time a new chairperson will be selected. The secretary to the Committee will permanently reside with the National Research Council of Malawi (NRCM). Wherever possible, an external individual will be given the task of taking and compiling draft minutes to ensure maximum individual will be given the task of taking and compiling draft minutes to ensure maximum participation from all members. Meetings will take place at least quarterly, but more often as required. Meetings will be called for by the Chairperson or Secretary. Any member of the Committee can call for an extra-ordinary meeting if they feel it is necessary. Quorum for a meeting of the Committee is 50% of membership.

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