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Subject:         - MWSDNP SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - Charges
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Malawi SDNP is pleased to announce a price adjustment for the
benefit of you, our clients. Our aim is to operate a fully sustainable,
cost effective and reliable ISP service in a competitive manner in Malawi.
We have now met almost all our expectations. We are here to stay and
provide you with quality services.

Effective 1 September 2000, we have now broken our 10-30 hour usage block
and we have introduced free use above 100 hours. The following charges now

Full Internet Dial-in Account:
0-10 hours $20
10-30 hours  $1.75/hour 
30-100 hours $1.50/hour 
Above 100 hours  FREE

E-mail Only Account:  $10 per month flat

This means, for example, that a user who used 11 hours in a month and who
used to pay $55 on our old system now only pays $21.75.  Better bottom-
lines. Our records show that this will benefit a large number of our
users. Most of you, our clients, will already have seen results of this
adjustment in our September bills.

In line with our sustainability aim, we now raise enough revenue to
support all our services independent of donors. We are sustainable.
However, the donors continue to be our valued partners in development. We
do not aim to make huge profits. This means that as our user base grows,
our rates get recalculated for the benefit of our users, as shown by the
preesent case here.

Malawi SDNP is the only ISP in Malawi that has two international Internet
connections. This improves reliability so that if one of these connections
dies, we continue to offer connectivity by switching all traffic to the
other route - reliability. This is called redundancy in communications but
it also means that your other ISP is redundant when their sore link
breaks. One connecction dying is not a small probability issue in a country
like Malawi. Redundancy is particularly helpful in such areas of
inadequate and often unreliable infrastructure such as is the case in
Malawi.  Malawi SDNP is willing to pay a little more to give you a
reliable connection.

No matter how much others wish us away, Malawi SDNP is here to stay and we
will continue to provide competitive, good quality and reliable services
to Internet users in Malawi. We appreciate your patronage of our services.

MwSDNP, we offer you better Internet Connections


Malawi SDNP Coordinator,
Room 51 Polytechnic,
Tel: 674979 / 675872 / 824787
Fax: 673944

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