Malawi SDNP Network Satus as of 14 July 2000

Malawi SDNP would like to sincerely apologise to its valued customers for the difficulties that you are having to access web pages on the global Internet during the last few days.

This is due to the poor service that Malawi SDNP is receiving from Malawi Telecom Ltd (MTL), formerly MPTC, on MTL's local leased line between SDNP at Polytechnic and MTL's Stadium Exchange in Blantyre. Performance on this leased line heavily degraded on Tuesday 11 July 2000 and despite their many visits to SDNP, MTL has failed to restore this 3 km line to good performance.

Malawi SDNP has urged MTL to have this sorted out and we are positive that they will fix the line soon. We have also urged MTL to put in place a more reliable connection to no avail so far. We are very unhappy with the poor service we are receiving from MTL and we hope it will improve soon.

Malawi SDNP is looking into other connectivity methods of providing a reliable Internet service if the current MTL network performance continues without improvement.

We have opened a website for network updates and new activities on our website, click on "updates". Please refer to this page first whenever you see a problem. It will have the latest network status.

Contact: Malawi SDNP Coordinator, P/B 303, Blantyre 3, Tel: 674979 / 675872 / 824787, Fax: 673944,  E-Mail:, Web: