Malawi SDNP Network Satus as of 19 July 2000

Malawi SDNP put out a formal apology to its users and customers explaining reasons for poor network perfomance between 11 July and 15 July 2000. This appeared in the local Nation newspaper of 18 July 2000 and in the Daily Times of 19 July 2000. The article in the Nation attracted a lot of reaction from Malawi Telecom Ltd (MTL). The CEO of MTL visited Malawi SDNP and later sent in a four man delagation which met with SDNP for two hours.

Malawi SDNP is very appreciative of the fact that MTL took this very seriously. It is Malawi SDNP's observation that MTL now fully understands why SDNP had to make a public apology.

A number of agreements were reached during the two hour meeting. We are satisfied that if the issues agreed are put in place, Malawi SDNP will get very satisfactory services from MTL both technically and administratively. As the agreements are bilateral, we believe that there is no need for Malawi SDNP to put them for public consumption here. We, however, believe that our users, customers and the general public who access our network will benefit greatly from this activity which we undertook to initiate. We also believe we have hammmered out a better working relationship with MTL through this initiative.

The network performance continues to be good through 19 July 2000 and we hope our users are receiving a good service.

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