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With the aim to improve Internet services, the Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme, Malawi SDNP, will carry out a number of activities and changes in October 2004 as follows:

VSAT PROVIDER: Starting from 16 October 2004, Intelsat will be the VSAT connection provider for the Malawi SDNP Internet gateway following our signing an agreement with Intelsat. The change to Intelsat as our upstream provider will greatly assist us to get adequate bandwidth, good quality of service and deliver better service to you.

BANDWIDTH: Our link bandwidth will increase to 2 megabits per second, or 2048 kbps, when we connect via Intelsat, with very large room for growth. You will therefore enjoy faster up and download speeds with increased ability to meet your requirements now and in the future.

IP ADDRESSES: Malawi SDNP has secured our own direct IP address block allocation from the global registry, ARIN, in the range We hence have the largest directly allocated IP address space available locally. Our clients who need to get additional IP addresses can now get these to their satisfaction.

RENUMBERING: We will therefore be carrying out an IP address renumbering
exercise when we activate our connection to Intelsat. This should cause very few problems to you our clients but please do contact us if you face any problems. Securing and utilising our own IP address space now means that we will not have to renumber again in the future even if we change upstream VSAT providers, which, therefore, increases our stability, sustainability and independence.

RENAMING: In order to improve service, we will be renaming some of the servers and increasing the number of servers. We are happy to see significant increases in the demand for our services from you, our clients. These changes are being made to serve you better. These renaming changes are as follows:

POP3: ..........................
SMTP (BT):...................
DNS SERVER (BT): .....    
DNS SERVER (LL): ......
DNS SERVER (MZ): .....
WEB CACHE (BT): ......   (optional)
WEB CACHE (LL): .......   (optional)
WEB CACHE (MZ): ......   (optional)
WEBMAIL: ...................  WWW.SDNP.ORG.MW
WEBSITE:  ................... WWW.SDNP.ORG.MW

.MW ccTLD REGISTRY: ................ WWW.REGISTRAR.MW or
for “warm heart” domains                 WWW.NIC.MW
These servers are available now. Please make your changes now to avoid problems in the future.

WEB CACHE OR PROXY: Malawi SDNP will no longer require you to set-up and
use a proxy server for your access to the web. This will now be optional. This change will offer you unrestricted access to the web. However, our observation is that those who choose to use the web cache or proxy, as named above, will enjoy faster download access. It is therefore to your advantage to use the web cache or proxy server.

LEASED LINES AND WIRELESS CONNECTIONS: If you are on a leased line or
wireless connection then your network technical manager will need to renumber using the new IP addresses. Please contact Malawi SDNP to get your new set of IP addresses.

DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS: The dial-up telephone numbers will not change and
remain as follows:
Blantyre(BT): ...... 01674900
Lilongwe(LL): ...... 01752900
A dial-in number will be announced for Mzuzu (MZ) soon. However, all our
clients need to change server settings as advised above.

POST OFFICE BOX: We are happy to announce that Malawi SDNP has secured
our own MPC post office box for hard copy letters, documents and
parcels. The number is P.O. Box 31762 at Chichiri in Blantyre as you can
see below. Previously used postal boxes and bags remain valid.

Malawi SDNP Coordinator,
P.O. Box 31762, Blantyre 3
Fax: 01-673944 
Tel: 01-674979  

  © Malawi SDNP  10 October 2004