I am pleased to inform you that Malawi SDNP has embarked on a system upgrade during this weekend of 19-20 August 2000. We expect that there will be no major break in services although small sections of the network will be pulled down for brief periods of time during the upgrade. The system upgrade is in two parts:

  1. Upgrading the computer operating systems and server software
  2. Upgrading the telephone connections in collaboration with MTL
The operating system upgrade will affect and improve the following major services: The web cache and software that assist us to speed up the serving of web pages to you will be cleared and upgraded during this time. Due to the clearing of the cache, you will see a temporary reduction in speed on web page downloading as the web cache gets populated again within the following week. The speed will get back to normal and improve towards the end of the week due to more efficient caching from new software.

The telephone system upgrade will affect the following services:

Following our recent complaints, MTL agreed to give us more secure cabling and connections so that we have fewer line problems on both our leased lines and dial-in lines. This is being implemented during this upgrade. We expect the quality of our lines to improve with this upgrade and we also expect that we will have more room for growth as MTL gives us a bigger pipe.

Our undertaking is that we expect to be providing you better and more secure services after the upgrade. Please contact us anytime during this time if you face any major inconvenience.


Dr. Paulos B. Nyirenda,
Malawi SDNP Coordinator,
P/B 303, Chichiri,
Blantyre 3,
Tel: +265-674979 / 675872 / 824787
Fax: +265-673944