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Setting Up Netscape (4.x) to Use a Web Cache  Malawi SDNP

Follow these steps to setup your Netscape 4.x browser to use web cache or proxy server at Malawi SDNP.

  1. Click on Edit and move down to Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences screen find Advanced down on the left. Click on the + next to it.
  3. Click on Proxies
  4. The Proxies setup functions will come up on the right
  5. We will use the manual configuration so click on Manual proxy configuration
  6. The dot should be active
  7. View will also then become active. Click on View to get to the next screen.
  8. On the space for HTTP, type the cache address:, or for Lilongwe:
  9. On the space for Port, type in the port number: 8080
  10. Now click OK on this screen and on all the remaining ones to close and save the setup
This completes the setup for the Netscape 4.x browser to use the web cache. Any access to any website outside Malawi SDNP will now be processed through the SDNP cache. You can test it right away. Congratulations for completing the steps.

If you have any problems please contact us at Malawi SDNP. The full contact information is on the Malawi SDNP website.       Last updated: 16 May 2000