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The Malawi Communications Policy was put in place in 1998. This latest revision of the policy was done in December 2000 when a change was made to allow Internet Service Providers to procure and operate a full Internet gateway via VSAT. The Communications Policy if fully presented in these pages.

Attempts have been made to come up with an integrated Malawi Informations and Communitions (ICT) Policy. These attempts are at various stages. A national workshop was held in September 1999. Details on this workshop can be found here. In 2001, a new attempt is being made and the details are available here.


The Communications Policy Statement outlines the national policy for the development of the country's Communications Sector, covering broadcasting (both radio and television), telecommunications and postal services.

The Policy aim is to ensure that the full range of modern services is accessible by all the population of Malawi. To achieve this aim , the policy focuses on the efforts of service providers more closely and need to restructure existing institutions in the sector in order to meet challenges that lie ahead.

To harmonise operations in the sector, The Malawi Government will establish an independent regulatory authority to regulate telecommunications, posts, broadcasting and the radio frequency spectrum. To that end, the Policy Statement
has set the following performance targets and strategies towards the goal of offering the best service to match the best in Africa:

This executive summary is followed by a FORWARD: by MINISTER OF INFORMATION
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