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Electronic mail is one of the most popular Internet ervices. A subscriber who has a full Internet service account gets an e-mail account automatically. However a subscriber may choose to register as an e-mail user only. SDNP e-mail connections will by default support multiple users on the same computer. E-mail access via the web is available using WEBMAIL so that clients can access their Malawi SDNP e-mail from anywhere on the global Internet.

E-mail Only Accounts 

E-mail only accounts are available only through a batch connection such as UUCP. Full Internet users may choose to have their e-mail routed through such a batch connection. A telephone line/number will be reserved at SDNP for batch connections only. 

On a batch oriented connection, the telephone connection is automatically terminated once all mail or data has been transferred. The efficiency of such a line can easily be optimised by using data compression and has special advantages for low speed and bad telephone line connections.  

The postpaid charge for e-mail only accounts is a flat charge of the equivalent of US$10/month with a free first month after installation. Prepaid and other postpaid services are also available. 


This is the normal and default service offered by Malawi SDNP. With this service category, the subscriber gets all the Internet services including dial-up, broadband, login, e-mail, Web, ftp, etc. The user gets a quota managed space at SDNP which provides some working space. The user may use this space to develop own WEB pages on site and interactively test them from anywhere. Dial-up full Internet access is offered at the following postpaid charges: 
First 10 hours or part thereof:  US$20 
Next 20 hours:                        US$1.75/hour
Between 30 and 100 hours:     US$1.50/hour
Above 100 hours:                   FREE
Analog two-wire leased line:   US$650/month
The first 10 hours after installation are free.

Prepaid and other postpaid services are also available.


The World Wide Web (WWW or The WEB) service is becoming the most often used and popular service on the Internet. The Web provides an interactive and searchable information system which can run many types of information services including e-mail, documents,file transfer, pictures, sound, movies and interactive forms.

It is the objective of the Malawi SDNP to mount and link public national information on Malawi on the WEB for national information sharing and for global access. To achieve this, Malawi SDNP will mount and link adequate valuable public information on Malawi and Malawian institutions free of charge but limited to a volume of half a megabyte (MB) or 500 kilobyte (KB) per institution. 

Advertising is not covered under this initiative and advertising material will be charged on the rates below where the first 100KB will be required to be public information for it to be hosted free.

WEB Charges 

The following charges apply if SDNP is requested to host WEB pages outside its above national public information programme. The setup charge applies to all requested WEB pages. A requested first 100 KB normally requires only one hour to setupa if it is already in electronic form on disc and will attract a once only one hour setup charge. 

First 100 KB:           Freely Hosted public Information
above first 100 Kb:  US$5 per month per MB, postpaid
Development:          US$30/hour
Setup:                    US$30/hour

Additional prepaid and other postpaid services are also available. Prepaid services offer significant savings.

SDNP reserves the right to revise or refuse material based on its Steering Committee guidelines and/or resolutions.


For information on these and other services , please contact the Malawi SDNP Coordinator on the address or numbers listed in this leaflet. More information is also available on the SDNP WEB site:

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