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We, at Malawi SDNP, would like to assist with the networking of civil society in Malawi by establishing an e-mail forum to discuss issues related to NGOs, CBOs, IGOs, civil society and current affairs in Malawi. An e-mail discussion list would greatly help to openly debate important issues in and on Malawi such as - the NGO Bill (2000) - news - poverty - project management and collaboration - democracy - human rights - AIDS - youth - environment - etc.

We believe such an open discussion forum does not currently exist in Malawi and we would like to assist to create one.

Malawi SDNP will provide free technical support for such a discussion list. We would like to start it off. However, we would like to empower civil society so that a civil society organization can manage the discussion list once it is fully operational. It would be interesting if civil society itself were chose who should manage the list. Malawi SDNP will train the list manager via e-mail free of charge and hand over the list to them while we manage the technical background.

The discussion list is operational. Anyone can join the discussion list by sending a message to:

and in the body of the message put only the line

subscribe civsoc-mw

The set-up empowers you to take yourself off the list at any time. Just send a message to the address:

and in the body of the message put only the line

unsubscribe civsoc-mw 

You will be taken off the list automatically when your message is successfully received at the above address at SDNP.

We, at Malawi SDNP, believe that civil society in Malawi will benefit significantly by carrying out open and active constructive debate on an efficient system. We hope you will be able to participate right away as we consider the NGO Bill.

You can participate in or start off a discussion by sending e-mail to the discussion list address:

You can reply to mail from the discussion simply by using the reply option on your e-mail program.


Paulos  -   4 January, 2001
Dr. Paulos B. Nyirenda,
Malawi SDNP Coordinator,

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