MALAWI:   NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS BILL, 2000                                                     MALAWI SDNP
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Duties and 
Functions of 
the Board
18. (1) The Board shall register and regulate operations of NGOs in Malawi. 
(2) Without derogating from the generality of subsection (1), the Board shall - 

a) establish and maintain the register of NGOs, incorporating a data base and a public documentation centre in respect to NGOs incorporated or operating within Malawi, and such additional registers or sub-registers, including such as may relate to exempt organisations and international NGOs; 

b) consider and adjudicate upon applications for registration by NGOs and ensure due compliance by the NGOs within the prescribed reporting requirements; 

c) withholding, suspend, or withdraw registration of NGOs in the event of failure or refusal to comply with the provision of this Act; 

d) provide free public access to the NGO register and database, including the records and returns of NGOs lodged in the public documentation centre; 

e) to determine, form time to time, the incentives applicable to NGOs under this Act or any other written law and make the necessary recommendations to the Minister; 

f) commission surveys; enquires and research, with a view to advising the Government with regard to any matter affecting NGOs; 

g) appoint a suitably qualified person as Registrar, and such other employees as it may deem necessary for the discharge of the duties and functions of Board; and 

h) to do all such things as are necessary or incidental or conducive to the better carrying out of the objectives and functions of the Board specified in this Act. 

B. No. 19
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